[Plugtest-org] Draft invitation for the Berlin 2012 plugfest

Michiel Leenaars michiel at nlnet.nl
Thu Sep 20 21:46:54 CEST 2012

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Dear all,

here is a draft invitation for the Berlin plugfest. If all is okay, we
can send it out tomorrow. Please send me your comments.


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Dear recipient,

I have the pleasure to invite you on behalf of OpenDoc Society to
participate in the 9th ODF Plugfest, a two day interoperability event
on October 17th/18th 2012 kindly hosted by Bundesmin. fuer Wirtschaft
und Technologie. The event is held in conjunction with the annual
LibreOffice Conference, also to held in Berlin at the same venue.

The ODF plugfests are a platform where different stakeholders around
Open Document Format join together to combine their knowledge and
technical experience on the details of ODF to improve product,
interoperability and in the end, customer satisfaction.and the
available software systems supporting this standard. Previous
plugfests have proven to be a useful instrument for vendors to
evaluate the interoperability between each other's product in a
private setting.

On the first day a series of presentations will update you on the
status of ODF, new R&D projects and lessons learned in
implementations. On the second day the actual testing will take place
with vendors and users going through several scenarios for creating
and importing ODF documents. Sitting side by side, the compatibility
of documents between applications in these scenario's can be easily
checked and openly discussed in the privacy of the workshop.

It's essential to have all stakeholders with an interest in ODF
engaged in furthering the implementation of ODF. We hope that you will
send a delegation, as well as participate directly in the process.
Past experience has shown developers and technical management from
larger and smaller vendors as well as community leaders have valued
the chance to attend and work on real world interoperability.

There are still some sponsor opportunities to help make the event even
more attractive. There is no fee required to participate in the ODF
plugfest, courtesy of OpenDoc Society. Would you be so kind as to
inform us if you and/or other representatives from your organisation
plan to attend this event or not?

*Please note that we need to have your registration before October 8th
2012, due to the strong security regulations at the ministry building
later admissions may not be able to participate.*

If you have any questions, need assistance with a visa application,
inquire about sponsor opportunities or just need more details, we will
gladly help you out. Please contact
plugtest-organisers at opendocsociety.org or visit: http://odfplugfest.org

We hope to see you in Berlin!


on behalf of the plugfest organisers
Michiel Leenaars
OpenDoc Society

N.B. If you want to help organise the 10th ODF plugfest, please
contact us at info at opendocsociety.org
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