[Plugtest-org] ODF Plugfest - presentation of Oracle Office

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Quick note for people from mainland Europe, don't forget to bring
along a travel adapter for your electronic devices 


Best regards


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On 08/02/11 09:28, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
> Hi Laura,
> my colleague and I have prepared the presentation of Oracle Office
> Product Family for ODF Plugfest's Friday.
> We have a couple of questions/clarifications:
> - We have planned for 10-12 minutes. Is this Ok?
Yes it should be.  Perhaps we can have a few short presentations
followed by questions.
> - Which aspect ratio supports the beamer? 16:9 or 4:3?
Screen ratio ? I'm unsure ?
> - Do we have to use a certain computer/laptop for the presentation or
> can we use our own?
It will depend on the day, We have two rooms on the Wednesday there is
one projector for the workshop room and on the Friday the main room will
only have a projector.
> - If we can use our own laptop, what kind of adapters for the
> connection to the beamer are available?
again I'm unsure. We just asked for the projector to be made available,
not to have a pc available.
> Thanks in advance, Oliver.


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