[Plugtest-org] 2011-08-24 ODF plugfest organisers meeting minutes

Michiel Leenaars michiel.ml at opendocsociety.org
Wed Aug 24 18:27:27 CEST 2011

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Minutes ODF plugfest organisers meeting
August 24th 2011

1) Post-mortem Berlin Plugfest

- - physical organisation went very smooth
- - some scenario's required some setup e.g. digital signatures
- - there should be a clear license of contributed materials such
  as scenario's (e.g. PUBLIC domain)
- - second day had presentations, which were also good in quality
- - press coverage was limited

Follow up:

- - are there document security scenario's for a future plugfest
(xml-dsig and/or Xades and/or "protection-key", see also oic

2) 7th Plugfest in Gouda

- - Organisation is running smoothly so far
- - Venue is confirmed
- - Invitation to be sent out by the end of the week.
- - We will try to advertise on platforms such as OSOR and
  opendocument.xml.org, ...
- - Sponsorship for food etc still welcomed
- - Program committee will be set up for the choice of talks
  (which will be limited to afternoon of second day)

Follow up:

- - Paul Meller (OFE) can help with PR
- - Call for scenario's over the plugfest mailing list

3) 8th ODF plugfest

- - Microsoft has offered to host this in Microsoft's EBC (Executive
  Briefing Center) in Brussels from April 26-27, 2012.
- - overall response seems positive, stronger participation of Microsoft
  in the ODF quality assurance process is valued
- - minor concern was voiced off list that the perceived neutrality
  of the event could be compromised if the plugfest is hosted by an
  individual vendor; so far the event has always been hosted by
  public institutions
- - Michiel Leenaars will discuss asap with Doug Mahugh to see how this
  perception issue can be remedied

4) Sweden may be a candidate for the 9th ODF plugfest. Bjorn Lundell
   will further investigate.

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