[WebODF] webviewers.org working to standardize interaction between viewers/editors like WebODF and webapps.

Caleb James DeLisle cjd at hyperboria.ca
Mon Nov 18 12:40:25 CET 2013

I noticed http://viewerjs.org/ which seems to be tied in with the WebODF
project (correct me if I'm talking to the wrong people) and I wanted to
share a similar project that I and others have been working on as part
of the Resilience research project. Perhaps we can collaborate.

WebViewers is similar to viewerjs.org except that we concentrated on
standardizing the format of a WebViewer so that they can be interchangeably
plugged into any supported web application and the application's WebViewers
subsystem will automatically begin displaying edit/view buttons in the user
interface depending on the viewers which are available.

The WebViewers protocol should be well described on http://webviewers.org
and if anyone has any questions or if anything is omitted, please do let
me know. Also any opinions about what is desirable or might be missing are
most welcome.


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