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Michiel Leenaars michiel.ml at opendocsociety.org
Sun Aug 16 22:23:08 CEST 2015

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Subject: Proposals for ODFPlugfest
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2015 14:34:36 +0200
From: Hans de Raad <info at hcderaad.nl>
Organization: OpenNovations
Dear Michiel,

As follow up on our earlier conversation about the possibilities of
participating in the ODF Plugfest, here is the talk proposal I'd like to

- Pleio and ODF
Pleio is an inter-government social network, built by civil servants for
civil servants. Currently it hosts over a 100.000 user accounts and it
can very much be seen as a poster child of very successful open source
government community collaboration.
Earlier this year the Pleio Foundation signed an MOU with Kolab Systems
AG with the aim of rebuilding several core components of the current
Pleio stack (based on ELGG) on the more scalable and secure open source
Kolab components.
One of those items is ODF support, this we aim to achieve by adding
WebODF into the Pleio stack, but also integrating several collaborative
productivity features from Kolab.

As the Pleio Foundation believes, the usage of documents for exchanging
information hasn't been reduced by the development of social media
features, it has just made it's use cases different. Much the same can
be said about Email and "traditional" groupware like the Kolab Groupware
solution and Roundcube.
Mixing the best components from all these projects will pave the way for
seamless and secure multidisciplinary inter governmental collaboration
for years to come!

OpenNovations / DevHdR

Van Sevenbergestraat 49
2274PK Voorburg

Tel +31 6 83578847


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