[Plugtest-org] Plugfest organisers phone meeting

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So today, 19h Berlin/Brussels time :-)
I drafted a small agenda (feel free to add items)

1) Registration
1a) Should participants register using the conference.libreoffice.org website (for security and logistic reasons)
2b) Is there a fee to pay ? Some sources say the LO conference is free, but the registration site says it's 10 EUR (by Paypal)

2) Invitations
2a) Who will send invitations and to whom ?
2b) Registration deadline

3) Programme
3a) What ODF-related CFP's were received via the LO website (+ title, speaker) ?
3b) Exact dates / times and what conference room

4) Other topics
4a) Marketing
4b) Next plugfest

Best regards


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For the call (Wednesday, 21:00 UTC), the call bridge is as follows:

Call room is the #541202.



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