[Plugtest-org] First 2012 Meeting

Louis Suárez-Potts luispo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 16:30:48 CET 2012

The Plugfest is a few months a way, mid-April, in Brussels, but by now
we all have no doubt begun planning travel and conferences for this
spring. It is important that we thus:

* figure out who is to do what to inform, advertise (if at all),
solicit interest and participants to the event;
* set out the usual action items or to-dos, and create a checklist so
that we can be sure if not of success, at least of diminished anxiety.

I'd suggest for this meeting, which I anticipate to take about an
hour, Thursday of next week, 19 January, at a time that's more or less
forgiving for us all.

We can use WorldClock to determine that, or Doodle.  The parameters:
MSFT is PST (-0800 UTC) and Brussels/Amsterdam are UTC +1, a nine hour
differential. I'm in the middle there.

For a conference call, we have the technology allowing, of course,
free telephony but also we can, if people like, use a Google+ Hangout.
But let's not argue about this.


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