[Plugtest-org] ODF plugfest Brussels call, summary

Hanssens Bart Bart.Hanssens at fedict.be
Thu Apr 5 20:05:30 CEST 2012

Hi Louis and other organizers :-)

the Brussels plugfest is shaping up, the most urgent issue now is getting the list of people who have registered at

* Michiel / Arthur: I don't have access to that list, so could you send this asap to Microsoft ? Thanks
This also includes the list of people who would like attend the social event / dinner.

* The program is shaping up, we've added a short moment for a group photo and decided to start a little later on Friday
(9 instead of 8 AM)

Suggestion for interop tests / talks / presentations are still welcome

* And don't forget to bring an interoperable power plug with you ;-) (Europlug 230 V)

Best regards


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