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Can also come over and talk if wanted ;-)

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Good morning,

I spoke with Simon over the weekend and he has said he will blog about
the ODF Plugfest today on his blog and on idenit.ca/ twitter. On that
note who has access to the twitter account of odfplugfest,
http://twitter.com/#!/odfplugfest <http://twitter.com/#%21/odfplugfest>
could they update the location and logo and dates? and maybe start to
use it so people using the # tag #odfplufest can interact.

Simon has also offered to speak at the event form the OSI point of view
and can also chair any panel, or a session on the risks from identity
lock-in. I suspect he'd need his travel and accommodation covered but
I've not asked as I wanted to see here first.  He is a great speaker and
I think if he were involved he'd promote it a lot more as well for us.



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