[OpenDoc Announce] Third ODF plugfest in Granada launches today

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Thu Apr 15 10:46:25 CEST 2010

Dear OpenDoc Society members,

today we start the third OpenDocument Format (ODF) Plugfest which will 
take place for the next three days in Granada (Spain) [1]. This ODF 
Interoperability Workshop will be held at the University of Granada, 
hosted by CENATIC – a competence center from the Spanish Ministry of 

The previous two plugfests took place last year in The Hague (The 
Netherlands) and Orvieto (Italy). The plugfests are an important 
opportunity to engage with other vendors and organizations implementing 
Open Document Format in a way to discuss real­world interoperability.

The event is organized by CENATIC, OPENTIA, the University of Granada 
and the OpenDoc Society in collaboration with the OASIS ODF Technical 
Committee (TC), the ODF OIC TC, the ODF Adoption TC and the Netherlands 
Government (through the Netherlands in Open Connection Program).
The point of the plugfests is to provide the necessary vendor­ neutral 
platform for the impartial evaluation of ODF implementation issues. This 
leads to better quality and a better user experience.

The plugfests provide a low­level, hands­ on interoperability testing so 
that vendors and community members can fine tune the interoperability 
capabilities of various productivity applications and make test 
scenarios, recommendations, ultimately creating guidelines for 
implementors. The ultimate goal is to achieve full, seamless 
interoperability for the entire feature sets of ODF across all 
suppliers, platforms and supported technologies. The strength of the 
event is the opportunity to work with many vendors at once.

With many of the teams behind the competing productivity tools on the 
market attending with their lead developers, technical management, as 
well as their community leaders, the Plugfest's importance transcends 
the narrow remit of the technical and embraces the reality of use.
We thank the Spanish government/CENATIC, the University of Granada, 
OPENTIA, OpenDoc Society and NLnet foundation for their sponsorship.

If you have burning interoperability issues, why not submit them to
the plugfest participants by mail or through the plugfest wiki [1]
as a scenario (you need to register for this, apologies for the
inconvenience)? If you want to help out by validating results from the 
plugfest in Officeshots.org [3], let us know as well.

Contact persons are:

  Michiel Leenaars (michiel.leenaars at opendocsociety.org)
  Manuel Velardo (manuel.velardo at cenatic.es)
  Alberto Barrionuevo (abarrio at opentia.es)

We are also there if you have any questions, need assistance or just 
need more details, we will gladly help you out.

Kind regards,
OpenDoc Society

[1] the Granada Plugfest website:
[2] The Plugfest wiki
[3] Officeshots.org

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